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Our Products

We source the best sound proofing materials in both the Australian and global markets.Noise control products are made to our specifications in order to suit our clients' soundproofing needs. This is done to the highest quality standards in order to ensure the longevity of our sound control solutions. Unlike many other companies in our industry, we are not tied to our own acoustic product lines and are therefore able to put all our focus into designing the best possible sound control solution for you. This works to our advantage but more importantly to yours!

The sound absorbing products below are examples of the sound reflection and sound echoing solutions we could employ to meet your soundproofing needs. We are able to select the best-fit sound absorptive material choices, not limited by a specific brand.


  • Acoustic Windows

    Acoustic Windows

    Windows are the greatest conductor of noise in a building. In Australia, as high density living continues to increase, outside noise impacts quality of life. In commercial and residential areas, noise can affect your comfort, productivity, property values and health. Action Soundproofing has extensive experience treating residential and commerical environments.

    We can treat:

    • Vibrations from outside conduct acoustics through a closed window leading to increased internal noise
    • Air infiltration between window joints and poor seals contribute to noise seeping into your home or building.
  • Action Soundproofing Acoustic Underlay

    Action Soundproofing Acoustic Underlay

    Action Soundproofing uses an acoustic underlay for carpet and solid timber or laminate floating floors.


    The construction of acoustic underlay combines highly effective support and cushioning for floating floors. It provides maximum performance for minimum thickness combining an impact and vibration damping and sound absorber with a decoupled noise barrier.

  • Action Soundproofing Door Seals

    Action Soundproofing Door Seals

    For doors or windows to function, they must have gaps between their edges and the frame. These gaps are there to allow easy opening and closing and to accommodate normal building movement. 

    However, these gaps can also allow the intrusion of;

    • sound
    • fire and smoke
    • rain
    • cold draughts, dust and embers
    • light
    • insects and vermin

    and also the leakage of energy;

    • heating
    • air conditioning.

    The solution is to fit a door sealing system which seals the gaps around doors and windows when closed. The seals are frequently multi-purpose, sealing against a combination of these intrusions and leakages. Properly fitted, they can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door and window types, that will not impede normal use.

  • Action Soundproofing Marine Treatments

    Action Soundproofing Marine Treatments

    Action Soundproofing's marine applications include a rigid laminate noise barrier and vibration damping material. These materials have been specifically engineered to absorb and control noise and vibration in main and auxiliary engine enclosures and to line partition walls and bulkheads in marine vessels.

    We have a used unique material construction which unlike many other soundproofing materials results in high sound absorption and resilience and compression loading capabilities.

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    Fabric Coated Polyester Sound Absorbers

    Polyester coated sound absorbers coated with fabric to improve aesthetic appearance. Suitable for open plan office spaces, common hallways, workstations, gymnasium and schools. They can also be used as pinboards. They can be suspended in swimming pool areas, near machinery and in airports terminals.

  • Flexible Sound Barriers

    Flexible Sound Barriers

    Flexible sound barriers (Loaded Vinyls) are highly effective barriers that reduce airbourne noise in and out of a lined space. They are designed to reduce external noise from aircraft, motor vehicles, rail transportation as well as neighbouring properties and adjoining offices.

    They are suitable for heavily reducing external noise from aircraft, motor vehicles, rail transportation, neighbouring properties and adjoining offices.

    Commerical/Industrial applications include a flexible noise barrier and absorber for machinery enclosures, noise screens and strip curtains in factories.

    Residential applications include the containment of internal noise within home theatres, entertainment areas, offices and office equipment.

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    High Density Polyester Batts

    High Density Polyester batts come in different densities, thicknesses and sizes. They are suitable for ceiling, wall and floor cavities and can also be used in plant rooms if coated with plain or perforated aluminium foil.

  • Pipe Wrapping/Lagging

    Pipe Wrapping/Lagging

    Waste pipe noise can be extremely intrusive more so in middle of the night. Pipe noise is created by water hitting the shell of the pipe creating air born noise as well as transferring vibration through the pipe wall and pipe clips to the structure pipe is attached to (wooden joists, brick wall or concrete slab).

    The pipe lagging products below are examples of the solutions we could employ to meet your soundproofing needs. We are able to select the best-fit choices, not limited by a specific brand.

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    Polyurethane Foam Absorbers

    Polyurethane foam absorbers in flat form or shaped. Available in charcoal grey or other colouring depending on your needs. Suitable for recording studios, editing rooms, home studios, radio stations and booths.

  • Spring Loaded Dampening

    Spring Loaded Dampening

    Spring Loaded Dampening products are specifically designed to reduce vibration and sound transmission of mechanical equipment.

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    Stretch Fabric Systems for Walls & Ceilings

    Action Soundproofing's Acoustic Stretched Fabric Walling systems are simple yet extremely effective aesthetic and acoustic solutions that can be used to enhance the appearance of a variety of environments.

    Action Soundproofing offers a wide range of products to provide a complete acoustic solutions to Designers of interiors from design, project management, manufacture through to installation.

    Acoustic Stretched Fabric Walling systems are suitable and available for a diverse range of situations including schools, cinemas, meeting rooms, concert halls, lecture theatres and AV rooms etc...

  • Visco Elastic Membrane

    Visco Elastic Membrane

    Visco Elastic Membranes are a high performance noise barriers that deliver exceptional performance utilising layer membranes to reduce noise in a variety of applications i.e. inside dry wall.